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On November 2nd, 2011, Oakland CA held a general strike that gathered more than 20,000 supporters; among them, teachers, students, families, and local labor unions. Here is a video from the day that Making Change Media produced, in coalition with the LeftBay99 Media Team & Iftiin Productions, which captures some of the magic and power of this historic day of action.

Produced by Regan Brashear and Barni Qaasim; Camera:Skye Bender-deMoll, Regan Brashear, Emily Calhoun, Mark Dibble, Cassidy Friedman, Nathaniel Klein, Jamie LeJeune, Joe Feria-Galicia, & Barni Qaasim
Editors: Regan Brashear, Barni Qaasim, Cassidy Friedman, Jamie LeJeune & Michael Goodier
July 5, 2011
Workers and supporters crash the biggest tournament of the year at Castlewood Country Club, an elite golf club in Pleasanton, CA that has kept its employees locked out for sixteen months. What do golfers do when they get locked out of their own tournament?
Edited by Jamie LeJeune

May 15, 2010
A message from the Castlewood workers: “We work at Castlewood Country Club, and we have been LOCKED OUT since Thursday, February 25th. The Club wants us to pay $739 a month for health care for our families. We cant afford that, so almost all of our husbands, wives, and kids will lose their health coverage if we agree. We offered to increase our share of health care costs AND take a wage freeze so our proposal is actually cheaper than the Clubs! But Castlewood still wont let us come back to work. We need your help to get our jobs back and protect our families health care! Please call: General Manager Jerry Olson at 925-485-2232 and Board President Jim Clouser at 925-837-8969 and ask them to let us come back to work and maintain affordable health care for our families.”

CAMPAIGN UPDATE: Victory! “On February 13, 2013, the workers approved a great new contract that provides job security, affordable family health care, raises, and a substantial signing bonus…” Learn more @

Video shot by Regan Brashear and co-edited by Regan Brashear & Max Bell Alper.



This video launched the “Facing Poverty at UC” campaign by AFSCME 3299.

About the campaign: The University of California has thousands of people dedicated to keeping its medical centers and campuses running by cleaning and disinfecting hospitals, dorms, offices and labs; disposing of biohazards; maintaining buildings and grounds; and providing cafeteria and bus services.

Many of these UC families live in poverty. Higher gas prices and stagnant wages have created a crisis for thousands of UC families that are already living paycheck to paycheck.

In fact, as many as 96% of UC Service workers qualify for at least one of the following forms of public assistance: food stamps, WIC, and childcare and public housing subsidies. Wages are so low that many can’t meet basic family needs and are forced to seek additional jobs.

California community colleges and hospitals pay family-sustaining wages that average 25% more than UC. Increasing wages would not only help lift workers out of poverty, but could positively impact low- and moderate-income areas where workers live as they contribute more to their local economy.

Uses of the video: In addition to receiving close to 9,000 hits on Youtube, hundreds of DVDs of this video were circulated to the media, public officials on the local, state and national level, UC workers and allies, all UC Regents, Chancellors and the CFOs of the UC medical centers. It was used in actions by Service Workers, who recognized the workers in this video as telling their own story, and hand-delivered to specifc Regents and Chancellors with a request that they watch it ; it was also shown at an AFSCME 3299 leadership conference to 300 member leaders where several of the people in the video spoke.

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Video shot by Max Bell Alper and Kevin Christensen and edited by Regan Brashear.





Also part of the Facing Poverty at UC campaign. This PSA/commercial aired on television in the Los Angeles and San Francisco Bay Area during college football season, during the games, especially the big UCLA vs. Cal game at the end of the season.

Results of the campaign:
The Facing Poverty at UC campaign resulted in a most historic victory for AFSCME 3299 in their contract negotiations: they succeeded in winning longevity based steps which they had fought long and hard for. Many member-leaders from AFSCME 3299 have said that the Facing Poverty at UC videos were the most effective organizing tool they employed in that campaign and credit their contract gains largely to the impact these videos had upon the Regents, UC workers, public officials and the larger community.

Video shot and edited by Regan Brashear. Co-produced by Regan Brashear and Max Bell Alper.



Promo for the Reel Work May Day Labor Film Festival, shot in 16mm film.
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Promo produced by Regan Brashear; co-directed by Regan Brashear and Jeff Wager; shot and edited by Jeff Wager.


On October 12, 2011, a group of community members blocked the entrances of the Wells Fargo Corporate Headquarters in downtown San Francisco. Here we share some voices of people who are part of the 99% and Occupy movements, including those who are facing or have faced foreclosure on their homes.

Camera: Karla Claudio Betancourt, Regan Brashear, Jamie Lejeune, David Martinez
Editor: Jackie Grieff

Camera: Karla Claudio Betancourt, Regan Brashear, Jamie Lejeune, David Martinez
Editor: Karla Claudio Betancourt