There’s a rich history of using street or agitprop theater  to convey political messages, often through humor, to spark conversations and capture media attention. Making Change Media is honored to have been a part of documenting several creative and successful actions in the last few years. These videos, spread through social media,  have helped to extend the reach of their messages to an international audience.

A flashmob infiltrates the Westin St. Francis hotel in San Francisco and performs an adaptation of Lady Gaga’s song “Bad Romance.” The event was organized to draw attention to a boycott called by the workers of the hotel who are fighting to win a fair contract and affordable healthcare. Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Queer activists put the song and dance together as a creative way to tell the hundreds of thousands of LGBTQ people from all over the country coming to San Francsico in June for Pride to stay out of the boycotted hotels.

To learn more about how to honor the boycott and support the workers visit:

this event was organized by:
San Francsico Pride at Work / HAVOQ
One Struggle One Fight
The Brass Liberation Orchestra

Filmed by: Regan Brashear, Jeff Boyette, Kesh Singh, Hermez Flores and Jamie LeJeune
Edited by: Jamie LeJeune

US Uncut, in collaboration with The Ruckus Society and Brass Liberation Orchestra (BLO), kicked off Tax Day weekend (Friday afternoon 4/15/11) in San Francisco with a flashmob at Bank of America and told them to “PAY UP!”

Bank of America is the #1 largest bank and the 5th largest corporation in the U.S., but it pays less in taxes than the average American household! If they and their corporate tax dodger friends paid their fair share of taxes (like the rest of us), we wouldn’t ‘need’ to slash community services in the budget. It’s time Bank of America pays their taxes! So we took action to tell them just that.
Dozens of activists took Bank of America employees by surprise downtown San Francisco Friday, by breaking out in a song and dance in the middle of the bank, to the tune of Salt-n-Pepa’s classic hit, “Push It”, re-mixed as “Pay Up!”

Video Credits:
Camera: Regan Brashear, David Martinez, Andy Menconi, Rooz Tahamtanzadeh, Jeff Taylor and Luke
Music: Brass Liberation Orchestra
Editing, Subtitles and Original Lyrics: Leslie Dreyer

I Will Survive…Capitalism Flashmob @ the Oakland General Strike, Nov 2, 2011
Camera: Skye Bender-deMoll, Regan Brashear, Emily Calhoun, Joe Feria-Galicia, Cassidy Friedman, & Jamie LeJeune
Editor: Jamie LeJeune